Our Clients

Who we serve

We serve customers in the industrial, mining, commercial and agricultural sectors that have significant energy needs. Energy needs are often diverse since it’s not only dependent on electricity but often involves other energy sources.

Many of our customers are vertically integrated agri businesses with packaging and/or processing plants with intensive irrigation often defining the underlying energy requirement.  

We generally do not focus on the single-phase residential housing market segment.

Client Reviews

Pieter van Heerden
National Facilities Manager, RTT
“Dabar Energy is a company of highly qualified specialists that helped RTT save enormous amounts of money with their state-of-the-art technology. They deliver excellent service and help you monitor your full facility 24/7.

Through their expert advice and technology, RTT is in total control of all energy and water efficiency. I would gladly recommend Dabar Energy any time.”
Francois Hugo
Financial Director, Heunis Steel
“Dabar Energy is our energy supplier of preference.

We appreciate their holistic approach to our energy strategy which they back up with highly skilled technical skills.

We are already in our third stage of installing renewable electricity generation at our factory in Pretoria North.”
Residential Client
“The level of design expertise that has gone into our energy security project was really exceptional.

The installation was done expertly and is currently delivering power as per the estimates provided in their proposal.

The control panel which is part of the inverter gives us full visibility and the ability to manage our cost and consumption.”