Gerhard Kotzee

B Eng Met, MBL

Gerhard has 28+ years’ experience in the manufacturing and marketing of branded products, leading various South African and African operations. Gerhard has been Chairman of Defy Appliances (Ltd.), as well as Chairman of various companies owned by the Swiss based Franke AG. Gerhard served as an Executive Board Member of Dawn (Ltd.) As part of Dabar Energy, Gerhard leads business development initiatives and the development of human capital.

  • As Managing Director of Franke Kitchen Systems, implemented one press production facility, changing the technology of sink manufacturing in SA.
  • Gerhard and Harold changed the logistics model of Franke in 2002, which radically reduced costs, halved the finished goods and increased customer service as measured with service delivery performance, an industry first, at the time.
  • As Business Unit Manager Africa Middle East, led the acquisition of Defy (Ltd.) on behalf of Franke AG.
  • As Business Unit Manager Africa Middle East, led the establishment of Franke Egypt SAE, as well as sales offices in Dubai.
  • As CEO of DPI Plastics, led the return to profitability of the largest pipe manufacturer in Africa.